UPDATE TO: Introducing "Lucky"

Lucky is becoming a fixture at our house and we think he looks great. He is a young, fun loving dog with a unique personality.

You might notice that Lucky has gained some weight. He has also been learning to fit into a family.

Lucky probably did not receive much affection or proper instruction when he was younger and everything is new to him. Unfortunately Lucky's case is all too common. Hopefully whoever dumped him will someday realize that this can cause emotional scars on these animals which can take a long time to heal.

Lucky has a home here however long it takes including forever if necessary.

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Introducing "Lucky"

Update Oct 10, 2014:

Lucky can be considered as a special needs dog now. He was recently treated at the Blue Pearl Animal Hospital for a condition where he could not stand up. Lucky was always extremely active so when he could not walk it was frightening. He was taken to the emergency room and several tests were done. Prednisone, an anti-biotic, and some pain treatment were prescribed along with a immunosuppressant. The doctor thinks his immune system is attacking his joints giving him an arthritic condition even at such an early age. He is cancer-free and has no viruses. His appetite is voracious and his attitude excellent.

Lucky was a neglect case and a stray. Full of fleas and worms Lucky was likely dumped by some excuse of a human. Young, very thin and starving he was wandering the dangerous streets on his own.

Even though his pictures were posted and shared hundreds of times all over the internet and posters printed and taped up all over the neighborhood there was not a single inquiry. None of the usual dog walkers had ever seen him before.

First stop was the vet where Lucky got rid of the fleas and worms. He got his rabies and other shots. After a couple of long nights of crying he finally started to get some sleep. He was obviously starting to feel much better.

Lucky has a good home here and he knows it. The other dogs are older than Lucky and they love him too. He needs some extra love and attention because he was obviously not given any care during his early life.

The plan is to fatten him up and give him some training and of course lots of love and see where life takes us. He is very smart and learns quickly. He wants to prove that he can do the right things.