Fostered Rescue Dog: Lifu

The new arrival is a handsome three year old male Siberian Husky found in the county of Nelson in Kentucky. He was hanging around a church, had no collar, and was scared, hungry, and thirsty. The pastor of the church said people there had seen him around but no one knew from where he came. He was surviving solely on his instincts.

He is a free spirit and full of life, as a young Husky should be. Pretty light blue eyes and he is very smart.

His new rescue name is "LiFu" (Chinese for "Lucky"). He has been to the vet to get a checkup including an ID tag, rabies and parvovirus shots, and preventative worm medicine. LiFu is perfectly healthy and just needs a lot of TLC and a good master.

The Humane Society has been notified and "lost and found" classified ads have been placed, but Lifu will not be released to just anyone. If prior ownership can be established he will go home. If not he has a good home here until a new, suitable home can be found.


  1. Lifu is doing much better now. He is gaining some weight and sleeping all night. He is fine as long as he gets his daily walks!

  2. Hi and thanks for your interest. Lifu is neutered and has a micro-chip but I have grown very close to him. He is my number one foster dog. What I'd like to do first is try to find a Husky that is in a shelter and needing to be rescued.

    If you would like to save the life of a Husky we can probably get one here in Louisville. However, if any travel is involved we might be able to work out a transport. There is a beautiful all white male Husky in a Louisville shelter right now.

    See available dog "Snowball";

    I used and found quite a few Siberian Husky's available. If you like Snowball then call the Kentucky Humane Society at 502 366-3355.


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