Rescued animals: meet Oliver

A very cute story sent in by one of our readers.

After a terrible storm back in late June 07, Nicholas went outside with his dad to observe the damage around the property, and in their front yard was this tiny beautiful baby kitten, about 5-6 weeks old. Nicholas fell in love with the kitten and had his dad's permission to keep him. However, things soon changed. A 4th of July trip out of town called for a cat sitter, so Grandpa and Grandma were solicited. Grandpa fell in love with the cat, now named Oliver.

Upon returning home Nicholas took Oliver home with him, but Grandpa kept telling Nicholas how much company Oliver was to him.

Within a couple days, here came Nicholas, carrying Oliver. He went to grandpa deposited the kitten, and made the following remark, "Grandpa, since you love Oliver so much, and miss him, he can live with you, but he's my cat."

Everyone is happy with the arrangement. Oliver plays with Nicholas in ways he doesn't do with anyone else. I think he realizes that he is loved by this child, though he lives with a senior adult who plays with him much differently.

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