The story of my Foster Dog

On the day I found him Lifu was matted, dirty, hungry and thirsty, and scared. He had been on his own out in the countryside for at least two weeks, maybe much longer. The first thing after getting him to jump in the vehicle was to go to the pet store and give him a bath, get some food and a collar.  The name LiFu is Chinese for "Come Luck" or "Lucky".  He is fortunate compared to the many homeless animals in our society.

After many escapes and recaptures he has finally accepted his new home. He still gets out on rare occasions but now he comes back on his own.

These dogs (Siberian Huskies) are bred to pull sleds all day long and are a working breed by nature. For this reason they need lots of exercise. When choosing a foster (or when a foster pet chooses you) it is important to understand the lifestyle of the animal.

What I have learned from this venture of just over one year is that fostering, while not always easy, with the proper amount of research and work, can become one of the most rewarding experiences in a lifetime.

Over time a bond forms and your animal friend can become fiercely loyal and that is priceless. Remember, ADOPT instead of BUYING! You will save a life and most likely get a healthier, happier animal in the long run.  We here at Save-an-Animal ask for your help spreading the word since a big part of becoming a no-kill society is education.  Thank You!

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