MONEY: Where have your donations gone?

Currently Save-an-Animal, Inc. pays no salaries. At Save an Animal we put any monies to work lessening suffering in the exact place where it will do the most good.

We at Save-an-Animal, Inc. try our best to spend money wisely and fairly.  As we say 110% of the donations go directly to lessen suffering.

We understand many people are not in a position to donate money but if you cannot give money please donate your time. Visit the local shelter and volunteer!

A partial list of where donations have gone follows:
The Arrow Fund
Shamrock Pet Foundation
GRRAND Golden Retriever Rescue And Needy Dogs
SparKy Saving Paws of Kentucky
No-kill Louisville, Million Mutt March, vet costs for 'Clifford'.
RescueMe Pit Bull Rescue, Siberian Husky Rescue
PRO Pointer Rescue Organization, Inc.
Duke's Saving Grace (Manny's heartworm treatment, Saving Polo!, Garth's surgery, senior deaf boxer with cancer, Radar's vetting)
Kentucky Humane Society  includes but not limited to Waggin Trails charity walk/run
Best Friends Animal Society (Nations largest sanctuary Dogtown)
North Shore Animal League America
FundRazr: Ol'Red needs surgery
Daviess County Animal Control
Owensboro Humane Society
Kenton County Animal Shelter
Elizabethtown Animal hospital
Elk Creek Animal hospital (vetting for injured Pointer named "Bonnie")
Eddies Wheels (for Lucas's Wheelchair)
Shelby County No Kill Mission of Kentucky
Alley Cat Advocates, Inc. (feral cat trap/spay/neuter/release program)
Assist with spay/neuter expenses for some abandoned Hodgenville pups
4 Paws Country Inn rescue in Vermont (rescued Maximus from DCAC)
ASPCA: National initiatives and life-saving programs
And whatever else might come our way today! :»

Please remember without you there will be no Save-an-Animal. Ask about volunteer opportunities.