Abandoned mother and puppies: UPDATE

Some of you will remember a plea from Save-an-Animal to help with a situation where a good Samaritan happened upon an abandoned mother and her pups. The poor mother and her pups where evidently dumped in the country-side in rural Kentucky.  The pups had a touch of mange but have been getting treated and are looking much better.

Here's a link to the original post: ====> Abandoned Mother and Pups

There are now four pups and a couple of them are stubby legged so there may be some Corgi or Dachshund in their mix. Some of you came forth with donations so the pups will be able to get all of their shots. Now, we need to find them good homes.  If you can help please email me ken '@' save-an-animal.org. Sorry that I have to write the email address that way but it helps to avoid being flooded with spam.

The mother and pups are looking good. Judge for yourself: