Injured Pointer - need help vetting for broken leg and heartworm

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Before surgery:

X-ray before surgery:

Here is a dog that came in from McLean County today as a stray. It appears like it was hit by a car. Its a pure-bred pointer so if you know any pointer rescues, please share with them. His femure is broken and needs immediate help. Please call Daviess County Animal Control at 270-685-8275 or e-mail His leg is so looks terrible. The vet said that it has been like this for more than a few days..we are unsure of his age but he is not a young dog....PLEASE HELP!!!

Update 1: He is a she. The leg will need surgery and poor thing is heartworm positive :(
She recently has had pups.

Approved for rescue today by Pointer Rescue Organization.

Update: please note: This girl will need all the help we can give her. Thanks for your donations and stay tuned for further updates! "Dolly" is currently being cared for at Pointer Rescue Organization, Inc. or "PRO". You can go directly to the PRO website to donate as well.

July 17, 2012 update: Thanks to Dr. Shelley at the Elk Creek Animal Hospital this girls leg was saved!!! We will know more about her condition later.

July 30th update from Kat: "All good news at the vet!!! Saw the X-ray of her leg and it looks GREAT. The bone is healing wonderfully. When we arrive she had even started walking on it! In a month he'll remove the pins and she'll be good to go. So happy for miss Bonnie! Now for FOOD!!!

Note:  the injured pointer girl we initially called "Dolly" now has a permanent name "Bonnie" as in "Bonnie and Clyde"!!!