Need your help with two injured/heartworm positive pointers

(chip-in closed, link removed)

First, "thank you" to everyone who donated for Bonnie's surgery. Bonnie is the injured pointer girl who at first was also called Dolly. She may have been hit by a car as she had a compound fracture of her hind leg and only the skill of an excellent doctor saved her leg. She is healing nicely, can put weight on her injured leg, and will be getting the pins out soon. You can read the original post here: Injured Pointer ChipIn <ChipIn closed and link removed>.

Clyde is another pointer that showed up about a week later at the same kill shelter in Owensboro, KY . He was emancipated. It is not known yet if they two are actually related but for now they are the team of "Bonnie and Clyde"!

Much of Bonnie's surgery was paid for by your donations. However, both of these babies are ready to start  heart worm treatment and need your help with vet bills.  Treating for heart worms is a difficult process and by all means you should take steps to prevent this problem before it happens.   The worms are transmitted by mosquito and treatment is not without risks and side effects.

Many thanks to Kat Schmalz and Nathan Stoermer for taking such good care of Bonnie and Clyde and for going above and beyond the call of duty to get them out of pain and back on the road to good health.