Lucas needs a wheelchair!

Lucas now has his own Facebook page where you can keep track of his progress!
Lucas The Pointer

Update: Placed order today 10-19 with Eddies Wheels! Paid required non refundable down payment.

Update: Paid balance and was told the wheelchair ships today!!! Thank You everyone that donated and helped out.

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Lucas is a happy, gentle, sweet young pointer from excellent hunting lines. He was saved by Pointer Rescue Org (PRO), an amazing 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of pointers in danger across the country- they are an AMAZING group for taking on this pup, and all his relatives that have been dumped by the same breeder over the past few years! However, Lucas is a special case. It was discovered that Lucas has severe hip dysplasia and weak hocks, and surgical repair is out of the question. He has the ability to live a full, long, and HAPPY life by using a wheelchair for the outdoor activities all pointers love- running, hiking, even recreational hunting! The rescue was facing a terrible question: how to find a foster home for a dog with such unique needs, and how do they pay for it? That's when foster mom Kat stepped in and rescued Lucas. His foster mom just wants Lucas to be able to play and enjoy his life.

As his temporary foster mom, I can assure you, he is not a cripple or a lost cause. He is a smiling, wagging boy full of life that just wants to run and play without pain. He will NOT need the chair indoors, just outside for prolonged activity, and would be happy watching TV with you or chomping on a toy or even playing inside, just like any other pointer. Your house does not have to be retrofitted for a dog with disabilities, other than possibly an area rug to keep him from slipping on slick floors.

We have been quoted $450 for a chair from Eddie's Wheels, the same place that made London the 2 legged pit bulls' awesome Ducati chair, and the red border collie with the stunted front legs that has been all over Facebook. We wanted a chair that would match his activity level!


- Donate here at the Chip-In
- A long-term foster, preferably in an area that doesn't get much snow (due to his wheelchair)
- An adopter who will love this happy, goofy, adorable young dog for exactly what he is: AMAZING!

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