Special Seniors

People walk through the crowded shelter and usually skip right by the older dogs. They are not cute enough or the right breed or right color. Why not change this mindset at least on a small scale? Many older dogs are tame, settled, trained, and loyal. They make great laid-back companions.

People that turn older animals in to a shelter based solely on age seem selfish and ignorant. These dogs deserve to live the rest of their lives in the comfort of a loving home and with dignity. On a recent visit to the Humane Society I was told most of the senior dogs have been there over four years!

A shelter is no place to put a good long term friend! Next time you are in a situation to adopt or foster think about giving an older dog a new lease on life. Also, Petfinder.com even has a search category for age labeled Senior.

Here are just a few of the many Special Seniors needing homes:

Louisville, KY
Jonah at GRRAND Louisville, KY

Ms B at Derby City Dog Rescue Louisville, KY

Sparky at Daviess County Animal Control Owensboro, KY