You can help us fight the Puppy Mills!

It's important for any organization to have a few ground rules.  One recently has come to mind that everyone should consider and possibly help solve.

Disreputable breeders are constantly trying to sell puppies on-line.  They use complicated URL's to avoid filtering.  The fact that they think they need to be deceitful should alert the potential buyer that something is amiss.

At Save-an-Animal we think no one should ever buy any animal online for any purpose.  Type "Puppy Mill" in your search engine and see what comes up.  Many of these breeders raise sickly animals in filthy, unsafe conditions.  With so many available animals in shelters it is unconscionable to be raising more animals and adding to the problem.  If you read the news about Puppy Mills you will realize that people pay much more to get much less.

That's where you come in.  If you ever see an advertisement on this website selling any type of animal please email me at:     Ken "AT" save-an-animal "DOT" org.  and I will block them immediately.  

Save-an-Animal uses Google AdSense to serve advertisements.  Our organization receives a very small amount of money for hosting these ads.  Unfortunately though, Google evidently makes no attempt to filter out these unscrupulous dealers.

Also, our government and judicial systems are failing us too.  Often the courts "bend over backwards" to help the abusers by turning a blind eye and/or lessening their charges.  Abuse is abuse is abuse.  There is no excuse for being lax in enforcing laws designed to protect these vulnerable animals.  We need to remind them often to do their jobs properly and with compassion for these voiceless victims.

Several breeders have been blocked already and we will continue blocking them as often as we see their ads.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

CEO, Save-an-Animal, Inc. 

Ps. I took the pledge, how about you?
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