A new paradigm for philanthropy

A resent TED presentation by Dan Pallota has Save-an-Animal revisiting and rethinking our narrative and fundraising efforts. Dan is right when he claims society has unfair expectations for charities and that for-profit companies have many advantages over charities.

If paying salaries or advertising more  increase the amount of good a charity can do then they should be done.  It is the total size of the pie slice that matters, not just an arbitrarily 'acceptable' amount. We all need to change our charity mindset and become more open-minded.

Charitable organizations need to grow in order to effect more change. These non-profits should be allowed the same advantages that for-profits enjoy without the harmful social restrictions.

At SAA we know it is the overall good that a charity does that matters. How exactly they manage to do so is less important.

Source: Dan Pallota, "The way we think of charities is all wrong."