My orange kitty! Please help!

    Hi! My name is Pebbles. ( I'll explain my name later) I am trying to
find a home. I was found a little over a year ago. When a veterinary
technician found me, I was covered in fleas, emaciated and my eyes and nose
were matted shut.  I was found eating food by a garbage can that was covered in ants. I was also pregnant.

     The technician that found me took me to her vet clinic where it was
discovered that I had an upper respiratory infection and such bad ear
infection that I had hair loss around my neck and throat from puss that was
draining out if my ears.  The vets did everything they could to get me
healthy over a period of 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, for me to survive, the
medical treatments I received caused
me to miscarry my kittens.
After a long journey of ear flushing, treatments and cultures, antibiotics
and nutritional support... I was healthy enough to be spayed and vaccinated.

   For the last year, I have lived by myself in a spare bedroom.  The other
cats in the household chase me and scare me. So I am not able to go outside of my bedroom. I am very lonely. I am a very nice cat that loves to be petted and talked to. I would love to have a home of my own. I want to sit
and be petted in the evenings and sleep on a bed with my owner at night. I
am only 2 years old so I am also very spunky and playful.  That's how I got
my name. The bedroom I live in has a container of orchids sitting in a tray
of pebbles. My foster mom occasionally catches me reaching into the tray and grabbing a pebble to throw around and play with. That's how I got the name "pebbles".  

I really am a special cat. I really want a home and family of my own. I
really want to live outside of this lonely bedroom that I am in.  I am
nervous around other animals but if they don't chase me, I can live with
them. Please help me find a forever home!

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