Garth Brooks (the Pooch) ***NEEDS SURGERY***!!!



Help fund Garth's surgery so he can go to a rescue.

Poor GARTH BROOKS has been at the shelter for weeks with a dislocated elbow. We had enough funding to get X-rays, but not enough to cover his surgery, which is between $600-$800. He needs a rescue to pull him or an adopter who will get him.

Update: Garth is scheduled to see the vet in Fisherville, KY (Dr Shelly) and then go to a rescue in TN named Duke's Saving Grace!!! Thank you everyone for caring and giving Garth a chance.

Update2: Garth had a successful surgery and was transported to the rescue organization Duke's Saving Grace.

Now there is a post surgery fund-raiser going on for Garth and a companion of his named Mulligan.