Group of chow mixes and Pom mixes needing homes quickly. PLEASE SHARE!!!

As explained below, this is a group of chow mixes and Pom mixes brought in to Louisville Metro Animal Services.  They were living in a trailer with 34 dogs.  They are all friendly and need homes quickly.  They can be vetted and tested free of charge for a rescue group or available to be adopted by an individual.
PLEASE show these pictures to friends and co-workers.  Maybe someone is looking for a dog just like one of these guys!  It’s crowded at the shelter and when it’s crowded, dogs die quickly.  Please take a look or send to someone who might be interested. (from SAA Member MARY ANN)

 PLEASE pass these guys along, I know they aren't full blooded chows and are mixed, but they are cute/petite and I think they would be easily adoptable.  If you'd like more information on any of them, please contact either me, Shannon Riley at or Amanda Crook   

If I've sent this to you and you're not with a rescue, it's because these dogs are also available for adoption and I'm begging you to pass this on to your coworkers, anyone that might be looking for a nice sized, friendly dog.  It's my all out push to save even a few.  Please help me and them. (from Karen)

All these dogs are URGENT which means they have only a few days left.

We are all working on the remaining 11 hoarder dogs.  Attached are new pics of them that we took this week.  They are now marked as "urgent".