Owner of Lad (the Collie shot in the face) indicted for felony torture (updated 7/5/2014)

Twenty-eight year old Matthew Wade Beauchamp was indicted in Owensboro KY after the story reached international proportions. He is suspected to be the person who shot the Collie in the face with a shotgun at close range and then left "Lad" to suffer and nearly die. (*Lad did eventually succumb to his injuries and crossed the rainbow bridge. See UPDATE at end of this post.)

Lad was treated in Louisville with help from The BluePearl veterinary partners and The Arrow Fund. He was flown to University of California at Davis (near Sacramento) by Pilots N Paws for evaluation. It was hoped that Lad would be a candidate for reconstructive surgery.

What makes the crime even more shocking is that, like most Collies, Lad was very well mannered and friendly. Even after the trauma he's been through he still maintained his good disposition.

Donations for Lad can be sent to The Arrow Fund or here at Save-an-Animal.

Warning: the pictures are graphic and can be very unsettling.

UPDATE: Sadly Lad has passed away. He died June 10th, 2014. He will be missed as he brought us all closer together and gave us hope and inspiration.

The trial date for his (alleged) abuser Matthew Wade Beauchamp is set for August 25th in Owensboro, Kentucky.