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Welcome to Save-an-Animal, a compassionate not-for-profit animal welfare association. In order to accomplish our goals we intend to promote no-kill shelter policies including spay/neuter, fostering, reuniting lost animals with their owners, and related educational programs especially in rural shelters where the need is great.

Saving animals one at a time
Our goal is to lessen suffering and bring some decency into the lives of abused, unwanted, or displaced animals that cannot fend for themselves. We do not want to reinvent the wheel, we just want to make it bigger, and innovate and educate to make a no-kill society a reality.

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We hope you enjoy the popular "success stories" section but suggest keeping in mind there are still many animals that are in need of a good home and some compassion. We at Save-an-Animal also promote animal-friendly products and strive to be good role models for future generations.

To learn more about Save-an-Animal read our Narrative: This is our Story

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IMPORTANT NOTE!: ALL events require volunteers to sign a volunteer waiver form and no Save-an-Animal activities are authorized without said waiver. Click to request