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The problems with "Puppy Mills"
Dog care - the essentials
What you need to know about Pet Foods
ASPCA foods to avoid
Important Animal Statistics
Life expectancy of dogs and cats
Dealing with separation anxiety
Abandoned mother and puppies need help
Abandoned mother and puppies: UPDATE
Puppies killed on Christmas day
Famous Animal Quotations

Rescue success stories:
Update to: Introducing Lucky
Update: white double Merle gene mix puppies
Two rescued pointers heart-worm treatment (ChipIn)
Rescued pointers need help vetting (ChipIn)
Foster Rescue Dog: Sophie
Fostered Rescue Dog: Joseph
Shelter stories February - March 2011
Rescued: meet Hope from Shamrock Foundation
Rescued: male Airdale/Lab mix Henri
Rescued: female Pekingese mix about two years old stray in Louisville KY
Rescued animals success stories: Oliver
Rescued animals success stories: Sampson
Fostered Rescue Dog: Lifu
Rescued animals success stories: Shalom and Pax
Rescued animals success stories: Winston and Norman
Rescued animals success stories: Georgie and Badger
Rescued animals success stories: Cali
Rescued animals: Australian shepherd and Bordie Collie mix "Double Merle" puppies
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Save-an-Animal's first semi-annual yard sale
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